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New or modified objects during the past 2 months

 Bed and Breakfast Playa OjochalID 863
Update: Sales and Costs
-9% $ 540,000 / 3.347 m² / Playa Ojochal, South Puntarenas
 Casas Cielo de Dos BrazosID 1011
Update: Price Reduction
-8% $ 245,000 / 2,0 ha / Dos Brazos, Puntarenas South
 Casas Keru de CabuyaID 1563

These two beautifully designed 2 bedroom 2 bathroom houses are located in Cabuya, about 7 kilometers south of Montezuma. Beautiful beaches are just a short walk away. The p ...

$ 390,000 / 0,6 ha / Cabuya, Puntarenas North
 Casa Hera de TamborID 1564

Casa Hera de Tambor features a large living & dining room area, a kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a terrace and an infinity pool with BBQ area and an amazing ocean view. ...

$ 465,000 / 2.929 m² / Tambor, Puntarenas North
 Casa Sueño BallenaID 1565

Casa Sueño Ballena is a recently built and fully furnished home, with high quality construction materials and luxurious amenities. You can enjoy ocean views from practicall ...

$ 465,000 / 1,3 ha / Uvita, Puntarenas South
 Casa Penca de DominicalID 1566

Casa Penca de Dominical is an amazing opportunity to get into Southern Costa Rica with a turn-key newly renovated vacation home completed in May 2010. This home is in the h ...

$ 475,000 / 3.800 m² / Dominical, Puntarenas South
 Casa Canto de DominicalID 1567

Casa Canto de Dominical is a true gem. It is located inside the private community of Canto Del Mar, just a short distance off Dominicalito Beach, with white water views loo ...

$ 475,000 / 300 m² / Dominical, Puntarenas South
 Casas Bed and Breakfast Playa NaranjoID 1568

Casas Bed and Breakfast Playa Naranjo is a nice beachhouse with an exclusive location. It has almost a 180° ocean view of the Golfo de Nicoya It offers a lot of potential a ...

$ 490,000 / 2,0 ha / Playa Naranjo, Puntarenas
 Casas Bed and Breakfast Playa TamarindoID 1570

Casas Bed and Breakfast Playa Tamarindo is a nice estate close to Tamarindo. It is perfectly suitable for a tourism business like for example a bed and breakfast business. ...

$ 399,000 / 2.139 m² / Playa Tamarindo, Guanacaste
 Luxury Casa Monica de SamaraID 852
Update: Price Reduction
-11% $ 899,900 / 5.000 m² / Playa Carrillo, Guanacaste
 Casas Gecano de Playa PotreroID 1467
Update: Price ReductionRecommendation
-12% $ 199,000 / 500 m² / Playa Potrero, Guanacaste
 Terreno Zacate de SamaraID 1359
Update: land area
$ 60,000 / 0,5 ha / Samara, Guanacaste
 Terreno Potrero GrandeID 809
Update: Price reductionRecommendation
-21% $ 299,000 / 11,6 ha / Potrero, Guanacaste
 Terreno Playa Brasilito VerdeID 1246
Update: Price Reduction
-16% $ 97,000 / 0,5 ha / Playa Brasilito, Guanacaste
 Terreno Bello PotreroID 1253
Update: Price Reduction
-21% $ 119,000 / 0,5 ha / Potrero, Guanacaste
 Terreno Ventura PotreroID 1284
Update: Price Reduction
-17% $ 124,000 / 0,5 ha / Playa Potrero, Guanacaste
 Casa Aroma de TamarindoID 1308
Update: Price IncreaseRecommendation
+12% $ 199,000 / 927 m² / Tamarindo, Guanacaste
 Terreno Pansa TamarindoID 1330
Update: Huge price reduction
-72% $ 30,000 / 0,7 ha / Tamarindo, Guanacaste
 Casa Puerto CoyoteID 1104
Update: InformationRecommendation
$ 280,000 / 0,5 ha / Puerto Coyote, Guanacaste
 Casa Country del Sur - Top Rental IncomeID 1111
Update: Price Increase, Information, PicturesIncome PropertyRecommendation
6.4% rate of return / -20% $ 600,000 / San Isidro, Puntarenas South
 Casa Caribe Elegante de Puerto ViejoID 959
Update: Price decrease
-17% $ 199,000 / 1.054 m² / Puerto Viejo, Limón
 Casa Chiquita DistendidaID 1006
Update: new picturesRecommendation
-18% $ 140,000 / 1.147 m² / Playa Chiquita, Limon
 Finca Bonita de AtenasID 1124
Update: Price Increase
+28% $ 249,000 / 0,8 ha / Atenas, Alajuela
 Casa Chito el ViejoID 1331
Update: Price ReductionRecommendation
$ 100,000 / 600 m² / Puerto Viejo, Limon
 Casa Hoja de Punta UvaID 1365
Update: Price ReductionRecommendation
-9% $ 329,000 / 3.648 m² / Puerto Viejo, Limon
 Casa Jeilyn de Puerto ViejoID 1413
Update: Price Reduction and new picturesRecommendation
$ 234,900 / 1,7 ha / Puerto Viejo, Limon
 Casa Edila ID 612
Update: Price Increase, UpgradesRecommendation
+9% $ 184,000 / 750 m² / Playa Samara, Guanacaste
 Finca Cataratas de San VitoID 903
Update: Price decreaseRecommendation
-13% $ 215,000 / 11,7 ha / San Vito, South of Puntarenas
 Casa Lirrac de Carrillo ID 1462
Update: price reduction
-9% $ 225,000 / 4.000 m² / Carrillo, Guanacaste
 Terreno Baula de Manuel AntonioID 1400

Terreno Baula de Manuel Antonio offers privacy and security. Shared common recreational facilities, beautiful landscaping and park areas are some of the great advantages th ...

$ 109,000 / 4.645 m² / Manuel Antonio, Puntarenas South
 Terreno Heliconia de Manuel AntonioID 1401

Terreno Heliconia de Manuel Antonio is a perfect ocean view home building site. This property is the highest and most private lot on our hilltop estate with breathtaking vi ...

$ 174,000 / 1.160 m² / Manuel Antonio, Puntarenas South
 Casa Cobija de Manuel AntonioID 1403

Casa Cobija de Manuel Antonio is nestled in a true wildlife sanctuary within a gated community, just minutes away from downtown Quepos and the white sand beaches of Manuel ...

$ 274,000 / 3.500 m² / Manuel Antonio, Puntarenas South
 Casa Yeri de Manuel AntonioID 1404

Casa Yeri de Manuel Antonio offers high ceilings, large windows and expansive sliding glass doors with tall, wooden shutters. All of the rooms open to a spacious terrace wh ...

$ 379,000 / 0,7 ha / Manuel Antonio, Puntarenas South
 Casa Puruja de Manuel AntonioID 1405

Casa Puruja de Manuel Antonio offers a great sense of openness. It has a fully furnished modern kitchen and dining room, a swimming pool, communicating sliding glass doors, ...

$ 495,000 / 1.695 m² / Manuel Antonio, Puntarenas South
 Casa Linda Amardilla de Huacas Costa RicaID 1408

Casa Linda Amardilla de Huacas is a nice Costa Rica real estate offer with three bedroom, one bath home in the town of Huacas, centrally located to all major beaches in the ...

$ 75,000 / 587 m² / Huacas, Guanacaste
 Casa Pata de Playa FlamingoID 1410

Casa Pata de Playa Flamingo offers an open floor plan, a large front and back yard with a beautiful new pool, plus an outdoor kitchen and dining area. This 3 bedroom 3 bath ...

$ 335,000 / 1.012 m² / Playa Flamingo, Guanacaste
 Casa Bougainvillea de Playa ConchalID 1411

Casa Bougainvillea de Playa Conchal offers a great opportunity to live in an exclusive beach and golf resort, with all its wonderful amenities, at an excellent price. Overl ...

$ 377,000 / 200 m² / Playa Conchal, Guanacaste
 Casa Leila de CahuitaID 1412

Casa Leila de Cahuita is a lush property with a lovely simple house at the foot of the Talamanca Hills. It is only a 5 minutes walk to the beautiful Playa Negra beach. The ...

$ 189,000 / 0,5 ha / Cahuita, Limon
 Casa Modo de Puerto ViejoID 1414

Casa Modo de Puerto Viejo is a modern newly built house that incorporates the best of living in the tropics. Located within a quiet corner of Playa Chiquita and on a hillsi ...

$ 190,000 / 1.505 m² / Puerto Viejo, Limon
 Casa Tropi de Puerto ViejoID 1415

Casa Tropi de Puerto Viejo is a gorgeous house on 2 floors with extra high ceilings and spaces offering excellent ventilation and air movement. The ground floor is centered ...

$ 239,000 / 3.700 m² / Puerto Viejo, Limon
 Casa Terrenito de San IsidroID 1416

Casa Terrenito de San Isidro is located on 260 acres of rolling hills in the Talamanca mountains with stunning 360 degree views. About 75 percent are forest and 25 percent ...

$ 385,000 / 100,0 ha / San Isidro, Puntarenas South
 Casa Barutu de DominicalID 1417

With Casa Barutu de Dominical, you can truly experience the Costa Rican tropical rain forest in all its ranquility and beauty. This home is situated next to your own water ...

$ 149,900 / 1,1 ha / Dominical, Puntarenas South
 Terreno Nery de San VitoID 1419

Terreno Nery de San Vito has a substantial amount of intact primary forest intact. This gem is located 17 kilometers outside of San Vito heading north towards the Talamanca ...

$ 100,000 / 6,0 ha / San Vito, Puntarenas South
 Terreno Rana de San VitoID 1420

Terreno Rana de San Vito includes a small home and offers a long and rolling topography. Therere is a small stream running through the back of the property, and next to it ...

$ 98,000 / 6,0 ha / San Vito, Puntarenas South
 Terreno Pochote de San VitoID 1421

Terreno Pochote de San Vito is located just 8 minutes from San Vito and offers an amazing 99 percent of secondary forest. It offers plenty of privacy and the prime building ...

$ 99,000 / 3,0 ha / San Vito, Puntarenas South
 Casa Cacao de San VitoID 1422

Casa Cacao de San Vito is located about 10 kilometers from the center of San Vito and offers a stunning mountain scenery. The soil is incredibly rich and black, the sun shi ...

$ 475,000 / 36,8 ha / San Vito, Puntarenas South
 Casa Tere de San VitoID 1423

Casa Tere de San Vito offers gorgeous mountain views while being located only 20 minutes from the center of San Vito. The 6 bedroom home offers an older style wooden type o ...

$ 80,000 / 1,2 ha / San Vito, Puntarenas South
 Terreno Mira de BejucoID 1426

Terreno Mira de Bejuco is located around 40 minutes south of Jacó and has been exquisitely landscaped over a period of 12 years. It offers plenty of nature, a perfectly dra ...

$ 9,200,000 / 45,0 ha / Playa Bejuco, Puntarenas South
 Casa Yeri de EscazuID 1427

Casa Yeri de Escazu includes a 2 car garage and 4 outside park-spaces, a living- and dining room with fire place and a kitchen with breakfast space. It has 4 bedrooms and ...

$ 420,000 / 1.550 m² / Escazu, Central Valley
 Casa Lujita de TamborID 1428

Casa Lujita de Tambor is a premium beachfront home with adjacent caretaker house, located between Montezuma and Tambor, right on the ocean. You can live here, use the villa ...

$ 690,000 / 3.470 m² / Tambor, Puntarenas North
 Terreno Carol de San VitoID 1430

Terreno Carol de San Vito is easily accessible and just 15 minutes away from the center of San Vito. This tico style home offers pure country living. Stepping out the back ...

$ 75,000 / 3,5 ha / San Vito, Puntarenas South
 Terreno Hera de MaquencoID 1433

Terreno Hera de Maquenco is a beautiful farm which could be easily divided into 40-50 private properties. It could also be developed as a mountain eco-lodge, nursing home, ...

$ 600,000 / 36,0 ha / Maquenco, Guanacaste
 Casas Ferton de MontezumaID 1439

Casas Ferton de Montezuma comes fully equipped and consists of one 2 bedroom home and two 1 bedroom homes. A caretaker house is included as well. It is an excellent option ...

$ 179,000 / 2.200 m² / Montezuma, Puntarenas North
 Casa Rumba de MontezumaID 1440

Casa Rumba de Montezuma is a new home, located very conveniently and only a 2 minutes drive away from Montezuma with its pristine beaches. The house features 2 bedrooms, 1 ...

$ 180,000 / 500 m² / Montezuma, Puntarenas North
 Casa Peri DeliciasID 1441

Casa Peri Delicias features amazing ocean & mountain views in a peaceful location. The Swiss Chalet style home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms as well as a beautiful a wrap ...

$ 210,000 / 1,0 ha / Delicias, Puntarenas North
 Casa Yuri de DeliciasID 1442

Casa Yuri de Delicias has been built with concrete and local hardwoods in the midst of a beautiful tropical garden with lots of fruit trees. Ocean view and plenty of privac ...

$ 299,000 / 0,8 ha / Delicias, Puntarenas North
 Casa Criol de Santa TeresaID 1443

Casa Criol de Santa Teresa is a small beach bungalow with a cute bodega, just off the beach, with a registered pathway down to the waves. This cozy little house has a singl ...

$ 235,000 / 460 m² / Santa Teresa, Puntarenas North
 Casa Hera de CabuyaID 1444

Casa Hera de Cabuya is a brand new wood house, very light and airy and with proximity to the beach. It is surrounded by nature and provides a quiet location. On the first f ...

$ 180,000 / 900 m² / Cabuya, Puntarenas North
 Casa Sencilla de MontezumaID 1446

Casa Sencilla de Montezuma is privately located very close to Montezuma, along the main road from Montezuma to Cobanot. The house is a simple 1 bedroom, 1 bath room constru ...

$ 70,000 / 1.000 m² / Montezuma, Puntarenas North
 Terreno Danta DeliciasID 1447

Terreno Danta Delicias is a nature jewel with a great vegetation and ravines with tropical hardwoods. In the back of the property passes the Rio Montezuma, which is accessi ...

$ 98,000 / 5.000 m² / Delicias, Puntarenas North
 Casa Reina de San IsidroID 1448

Casa Reina de San Isidro is a beautiful 2 bedroom 1 bathroom home with spectacular views of the town of San Isidro. It is surrounded by various fruit trees and there are 3 ...

$ 195,000 / 1,0 ha / San Isidro, Puntarenas South
 Terreno Mono de San IsidroID 1449

Terreno Mono de San Isidro offers spectacular views of the town of San Isidro. It is surrounded by lush nature and the town of San Isidro is just 10 minutes away. Water and ...

$ 67,500 / 2.500 m² / San Isidro, Puntarenas South
 Tereno Itzkazu de San IsidroID 1450

Tereno Itzkazu de San Isidro is a beautiful property with spectacular views the town of San Isidro. The area has a fresh climate and an excellent breeze. Water and electric ...

$ 79,400 / 2.700 m² / San Isidro, Puntarenas South
 Casa Pequis de San IsidroID 1451

Casa Pequis de San Isidro is a small 1 bedroom 1 bathroom home with a nice river view. The property has one more building site where you can build another house or just enl ...

$ 79,000 / 250 m² / San Isidro, Puntarenas South
 Terreno Tecla de San IsidroID 1452

Terreno Tecla de San Isidro is a beautiful property with spectacular views the town of San Isidro. The area has a fresh climate and an excellent breeze. Water and electrici ...

$ 165,000 / 1,0 ha / San Isidro, Puntarenas South
 Terreno Orisi de San IsidroID 1453

Terreno Orisi de San Isidro is a beautiful property with spectacular views of the town of San Isidro. The area has a fresh climate and an excellent breeze. Water and electr ...

$ 155,000 / 1,0 ha / San Isidro, Puntarenas South
 Terreno Goron de San IsidroID 1454

Terreno Goron de San Isidro is a beautiful lot with a nice all year round creek. The property has a big building site and the asphalt road is just 100 away. Water and elect ...

$ 35,000 / 900 m² / San Isidro, Puntarenas South
 Casa Quadra de SamaraID 1456

Casa Quadra de Samara comes with A/C, living and dining area and a terrace with garden view. It is furnished and the beach is only 2 minutes away.

$ 199,000 / 2.000 m² / Samara, Guanacaste
 Casa Palmita CarrilloID 1457

This lovely beach house is located near Carrillo Beach and set in a beautiful garden with trees, palms and tropical plants. It is hidden away for a maximum of privacy. The ...

$ 220,000 / 1.000 m² / Carrillo, Guanacaste
 Casa Saneta de AtenasID 1458

Casa Saneta de Atenas is a beautiful home with 3 large bedrooms. The house has a very nice open layout, with an open kitchen and a bar. The large terrain is mostly flat and ...

$ 350,000 / 2.900 m² / Atenas, Alajuela
 Terreno Trapp de AtenasID 1459

Terreno Trapp de Atenas is located in an upscale gated community in Atenas with 24/7 security service many other amenities. It offers various natural building sites.

$ 125,000 / 0,7 ha / Atenas, Alajuela
 Terreno Paya de AtenasID 1460

Terreno Paya de Atenas is a beautiful lot with 2 possible building sites, located in a large upscale community in Atenas. The upper site has a great view of the Central Val ...

$ 140,000 / 4.416 m² / Atenas, Alajuela
 Casa Crena de San IsidroID 1463

Casa Crena de San Isidro offers spectacular mountain and city views. This beautiful house has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and is surrounded by coffee plantation an fruit tre ...

$ 90,000 / 1,4 ha / San Isidro, Puntarenas South
 Choza Congo de San IsidroID 1464

Choza Congo de San Isidro is a rustic wooden cabin with nice mountain views. It has a balcony and is surrounded by beautiful nature.

$ 38,500 / 2.200 m² / San Isidro, Puntarenas South
 Terreno Bagaces de San IsidroID 1465

Terreno Bagaces de San Isidro has spectacular waterfalls with several natural swimming pools. The property has also many walking trails with access to 1 kilometer of riverf ...

$ 795,000 / 43,0 ha / San Isidro, Puntarenas South
 Casa Amarilla GeneralID 1470

Casa Amarilla General offers amazing views over the city and lights below located in a beautiful residential area of San Isidro Del General. The home is made up of 3 bedroo ...

$ 230,000 / 1.600 m² / San Isidro, Puntarenas South
 Casa Rama de DominicalID 1471

Casa Rama de Dominical is located on a quiet street in Dominical, just 200 meters from the beach. The property offers ocean view in some parts and has only one neighbor. Th ...

$ 249,900 / 2.000 m² / Dominical, Puntarenas South
 Terreno Rosa de UvitaID 1472

Terreno Rosa de Uvita is located in the hills above the Southern Pacific Coast beach town of Uvita. The property has 3 different building sites. One of the sites has a smal ...

$ 259,000 / 1,6 ha / Uvita, Puntarenas South
 Casa Rueda de DominicalID 1473

Casa Rueda de Dominical offers 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a beautiful pool. The home is located only a few minutes from the beach. Miles of trails exist on the property an ...

$ 399,000 / 800 m² / Dominical, Puntarenas South
 Casa Lujito de DominicalID 1474

The property of Casa Lujito de Dominical consists of over 20000 square meters of gently rolling hills with plenty of additional useable areas. The setting is private as the ...

$ 450,000 / 2,0 ha / Dominical, Puntarenas South
 Villa Bali de TamborID 1475

Villa Bali de Tambor has 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The Bali-styled villa offers breathtaking ocean views over Tambor beach and the Pacific Ocean. The beach is just 50 met ...

$ 695,000 / 500 m² / Tambor, Puntarenas North
 Villa Culi de SamaraID 1476

Villa Culi de Samara is a charming one-bedroom, one-bathroom home on a beachfront development with all important amenities. The complex has an on-site restaurant, convenien ...

$ 129,000 / 300 m² / Samara, Guanacaste
 Casa Mogli de Puerto ViejoID 1478

Casa Mogli de Puerto Viejo sits on a beautiful lot surrounded by lush jungle. It is just a short 5 minute drive to the beaches of Cocles and Playa Chiquita and a 10 minute ...

$ 195,000 / 1.555 m² / Puerto Viejo, Limon
 Casa Midera de Puerto ViejoID 1479

Casa Midera de Puerto Viejo is located in the heart of Puerto Viejo, directly on the main road. This multiple use commercial and residential property may have all the right ...

$ 460,000 / 2.912 m² / Puerto Viejo, Limon
 Casa Cona de EscazúID 1481

Casa Cona de Escazú features a commune area with pool, gym and racket ball court. It offers 24 hours security. The home as a living area with bar and open kitchen, a balcon ...

$ 250,000 / 200 m² / Escazú, Central Valley
 Casa Cari de San JoséID 1482

Casa Cari de San José has 4 bedrooms, an office space, 3,5 bathrooms, a tasteful living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a maids room, a terrace, a pool and a 2 car garage. ...

$ 320,000 / 810 m² / Cariari, Central Valley
 Casa Mera de EscazúID 1484

Casa Mera de Escazú offers one bedroom with one bathroom, a living area, a dining area, a modern kitchen and a maids room with bathroom, an enclosed terrace and a double ga ...

$ 329,000 / 350 m² / Escazú, Central Valley
 Casa Caru de San JoséID 1485

Casa Caru de San José is only 4 years old and is located in the most wanted golf community in San José. All rooms are very spacious and some have nice views in the mountain ...

$ 325,000 / 870 m² / San José, Central Valley
 Casa Tonga de Santa Ana ID 1486

Casa Tonga de Santa Ana is located in the most wanted area to live in, the Valle del Sol golf community of Santa Ana. In less than 5 minutes you can reach the biggest mall ...

$ 355,000 / 333 m² / Santa Ana, Central Valley
 Casa Ulate de SámaraID 1487

Casa Ulate de Sámara is a charming 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house in a perfect spot with privacy galore and within walking distance to Samara and Buena Vista Beaches. Its hill ...

$ 225,000 / 2.900 m² / Sámara, Guanacaste
 Casa Pery de OjochalID 1489

Casa Pery de Ojochal is located in the heart of Ojochal and consists of 3 good size bedrooms and 3 full baths and is very easy to access. It has a large pool and a large de ...

$ 225,000 / 300 m² / Ojochal, Puntarenas South
 Casa Fusil de OjochalID 1490

Casa Fusil de Ojochal is nestled in the tranquil hills of the San Buenaventura golf course, only 15 minutes from the sea caves of Playa Ventanas and minutes to the surround ...

$ 225,000 / 500 m² / Ojochal, Puntarenas South
 Cabinas Alfombra de San IsidroID 1491

Cabinas Alfombra de San Isidro includes two cabina-style homes, each with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a living room and kitchen. The property has beautiful views to the mountain ...

$ 130,000 / 1,0 ha / San Isidro, Puntarenas South
 Casa Javi de UvitaID 1492

Casa Javi de Uvita is a nice 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom house with beautiful ocean and mountain views. This is an excellent opportunity for your retirement home or summer home. ...

$ 160,000 / 2.060 m² / Uvita, Puntarenas South
 Casa Santa Lucia IsidroID 1494
Update: New Pictures
$ 490,000 / 26,0 ha / San Isidro, Puntarenas South
 Casa Rina CariariID 1495

Casa Rina Cariari is located in the popular and secure Cariari Golf Course Community. Close to the airport as well as the capital of San Jose with all its facilities and 24 ...

$ 499,000 / 1.840 m² / Santa Ana, Central Valley
 Casa Solu de Santa AnaID 1496

Casa Solu de Santa Ana is located in the gated community Valle del Sol and features a master suite with an adjoining bathroom, 2 more bedrooms with a shared bathroom, a gue ...

$ 540,000 / 1.100 m² / Santa Ana, Central Valley
 Casa Quebrada MiravallesID 1497

Casa Quebrada Miravalles is nestled in the cool green hills of Miravalles. This two bedroom two bath plus home features all the latest amenities in a quiet country setting. ...

$ 239,000 / 4.400 m² / Miravalles, Puntarenas South
 Casa Amarilla ParritaID 1498

Casa Amarilla Parrita has a quiet and tranquil setting inside a private secure community, just a few minutes north of Quepos. The home has a spacious master bedroom on the ...

$ 295,000 / 0,5 ha / Parrita, Puntarenas South
 Casa Pital de AtenasID 1500

Casa Pital de Atenas is a beautiful 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with nice valley views. It features a pool, a jacuzzi and even a garage. The center of Atenas is just a short ...

$ 325,000 / 1.350 m² / Atenas, Alajuela
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